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Why Write?

Some of you may be students studying journalism at a university or may be you are trying to write your first book.  What inspires you to write?  My degree is in Computer Information Systems and my Masters in Education is in progress but my hobby is really writing. 

Why did I Start Writing?

I write because I believe I have a story to be told that I don’t believe anyone else can tell it quite like me.  It all started when I got an internship at THEAsiaN almost 3 years ago.  It was then that I realized that I have really traveled a lot more than anyone else I know so I started to write about my travels in Asia.  I started to write a memoir about my life in Sri Lanka during the civil war. 

Listen to Your Friends

I then realized I quickly needed help.  I have no degrees in writing either.  My friends first told me I should join the Third Culture Kids and the Seoul International Woman’s Association.  I then started researching on the web and signed up for blogs that involved writing.  They suggested I join writers groups which really got me a lot of help.  Next thing I knew, I was writing my own articles on Doria Travels about my travels around the world and my memoir Beautiful Eye is almost ready to be published.  So what does inspire you to write?


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A global citizen who has spent 40 years traveling mostly through Africa and Asia. To date she has been to 81 countries on 7 continents and currently resides in Uijeongbu, South Korea where she writes about her travels around the world.

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