Presentations and PowerPoint Templates


Presentations and PowerPoint Templates

Classroom Blog PowerPoint Presentation Presented at Kangnam University

Ever wondered how to create a classroom blog where every one can contribute? Check out my Creating a Classroom Blog presentation presented at Kangnam University.

Basic PowerPoint Template

Here you can add the info to meet your classroom needs and turn it into your own game the students will enjoy.
Jeopardy game template

Geography Game for Elementary School Students

This is a basic Jeopardy game on Geography.

Classroom Management Presentation Presented to Suwon University

Need help with classroom management? Here I have put together some tips for a presentation I did at Suwon University.
Classroom management presentation (read only PDF)

Social Studies Jeopardy Game

In this game, students will learn different types of social sciences.
Social Studies Jeopardy game

Family Feud Jeopardy Game

Enjoy game shows? This one is for you! Change the template around to meet your needs.
Family Feud

Non PowerPoint Templates

Incredibles Board Game Template

This is a board game you can print out and paste on thick paper where 2 or more students can play.
Incredibles board game template (space and science)

In Conclusion

You want your class to be as exciting as possible especially with elementary students. If you make it fun and exciting, the student will learn more and ill enjoy doing it.

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