This time while we are staying in Colombo we decided to use the tourism boards recommendation on home stays. An ad in the Sri Lanka Tourism Accommodation Guide for Mrs. Padmini Nanayakkara’s home stay looked the best to us. For US$41 a night, you get a large clean double room with AC, attached bathroom, hot water, and breakfast. It is also centrally located so you can walk almost everywhere. Mrs Nanayakkara is an amazing person. She has lived in this house for 50 years and is well connected with the community. Her house is also filled with antiques and books on Sri Lanka. Her late husband is also a published author. If you plan to visit Colombo, I highly recommend her place. She is located at 20 Chelsea Gardens, Colombo 3. Her phone number is 02573095 (direct from a cell phone while in Sri Lanka) and her email address is


Contact me about placing your ad here
Contact me about placing your ad here