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Sunsets Over the Pacific: Lima

Sunsets Over the Pacific: Lima

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On my last night in Lima, I wanted to have a very special evening.   I asked my hostel Nomade Backpackers where the best sunset was.  They said the Marriott.  I was able to make my way up to the second floor to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen.


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How to do the Maldives on a Budget

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Budgeting Maldives and Still Have an Island Getaway Budgeting Maldives is possible if you follow these tips.  If you’re looking for an island getaway for your next vacation, there’s no better place than the Maldives! This collection of more than a thousand coral islands in the Indian Ocean is absolutely stunning.  They offer fantastic diving, […]


Horton Plains: A magical place in the clouds views: 2031

Visiting Horton Plains If you plan on visiting Sri Lanka, make sure you put Horton Plains in your schedule.  This unusual place is not to be missed.  I have personally been here 5 times and always look forward to going back.  One can never get tired of its exotic breathtaking scenery. Getting There It’s just […]

Havanna on a Budget: How to save money in Cuba views: 1334

  Cuba was always a beach-filled, retro dream for me. Sipping daiquiris by the pool, twirling in full, vintage skirts on the cobblestone streets, and rocking my cat-eye sunglasses from the passenger side of some 1950’s hot rod was a recurring vision in my travel head—and once I’d stepped into Havana it didn’t disappoint. But […]

A Weekend in Kyoto: Day 1 views: 1953

An Overview We choose Kyoto because we did not need a visa with our US passports and it was only a 1.5 hour flight from Incheon International Airport.  This quick long weekend get-a-way was ideal to release some of the stress we were getting with some of our new projects in South Korea.  Kyoto also […]

A Buddhist Ceremony Inside a Barn views: 1919

Having a Buddhist ceremony does not have to be conducted inside a temple.  In fact this ceremony was conducted inside a barn on a farm on the outskirts of Pyeongtaek.  Why in a barn you might ask? Dhammakitti is a very loved and well-known Sri Lankan Buddhist monk in South Korea.  During these ceremonies, everyone […]

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